Sunday, December 20, 2009

After you drown your sorrows and realize Breesus is not only human but Drewish (funny, he doesn't look Drewish), that maybe the Unknown Who Dat shouldn't take up permanent residence in a Tomb of the Unknown Who Dat just yet, and contemplate that the Cowboys not only have to go back to Dallas, but they will soon be getting the Walking Id as their neighbor, just take a few deep breaths and realize that we are DIVISION CHAMPS WITH A FIRST WEEK BYE IN THE PLAYOFFS.

Take it, Kermit.

Who. The Hell. Dat.

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Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Well said. I'll take "undefeated during the playoffs" over "undefeated regular season" any day of the week, and twice on Super Bowl Sunday.

Jewelry = History for the Saints. This team still has everything to play for.

Who. Da Hell. Dat. Indeed.