Thursday, August 28, 2008


My son's school is having early dismissal tomorrow.

The New Orleans Institute's New Orleans Speaks conference has been postponed until October.

My parents called us up when they were mostly drunk on their thirtieth anniversary to tell us to head for their home regardless of whether or not the composer menace was coming our way. My grandparents called us up soon after and, after reminding us that it was my parents' thirtieth anniversary, wanted to make sure that we were okay.

My religious school teachers' meeting has been cancelled - it was to have been held on Sunday evening, complete with a dinner. We will now be grabbing our materials tomorrow instead.

And finally, the one thread that tied us to whether or not we would be evacuating has been severed. Yep, you guessed it - the pancake breakfast my husband just had to be at because he was gonna be flipping the flapjacks on Sunday morning has been cancelled. We're a free family now.

So gee, what else is there to do now that the National Hurricane Center and its projections have paralyzed our Labor Day weekend in these parts?

Well, I've still got choir practice tonight...and perhaps, at some point, I may sneak in to this again. Heh.

And then, it's still wait and see...

*looks side to side*

No Jim Cantore yet. I think we're okay for now.


Missy said...

Good grief, isn't that just what ya'll need--another hurricane.

My prayers are with you.


hey you said over at adrastos okc

what does that mean?

the two years i spent in the ozarks that was where we went to get our sunday beer.

thanks. rickngentilly.

Leigh C. said...

OKC = Oklahoma City, Rick. And it is much more cosmopolitan there than most folks would think - it ain't tough to get beer there any day of the week. ;-)

The long, long road home,New Orleans said...

Jim so funny