Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The coffee shop I frequent the most has replaced their plain Jane chairs with these huge, dark rattan-backed things on four legs that have plain off-white cushions on 'em. Off-white cushions. In a coffee shop. One of the employees said the cushions were Scotch-Garded. I hope so.

My son was asking me why Europe is called the Old World. Of course, he has to ask me this while we are in the car. I tried to explain that the people who write their history down are generally the ones who end up holding sway over the naming of things like which is the Old World and which is the New...and I had to catch myself from going into lecture-depth analysis of the subject with a five-year-old. Thankfully he changed the subject - to ask me about shark camouflage. Good move.

Adam Nossiter is still a schmuck for somehow trying to put Karen Gadbois' hard, hard work on behalf of her community in a light that seemingly condemns the born and bred locals for their "resignation". Thankfully, that is only one idiot sentence in an otherwise great article. Mazel tov to Karen, Sarah Elise Lewis, and Eli Ackerman on their hard work paying off.

And, finally, I'm following a path paved quite well by Cliff and doing some guestblogging for the Gambit's Blog of New Orleans. Yep, I'll be jockeying for position over there for a bit amongst the reports of Drew Brees' facial hair, a plea for submissions of questions to be asked of the LA-02 Congressional candidates, and sissy rappers. God help us all.

Speaking of rap, I heard a Ballzack interview on WTUL this morning and couldn't stop giggling over the chorus to "Limousine Mouse", among many other things: Limousine mouse/Limousine mouse/Eric called a ferret/A limousine mouse... It also had me thinking of a certain blogger's limousine mice, to boot.

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