Thursday, August 14, 2008

At times like these, when exasperation with the NOPD is at an all-time high, when our mayor is being commended for his nonexistent work on the city's recovery by folks who are most likely on something powerful, when a nifty li'l system develops out in the mid-Atlantic just to remind us it is still hurricane season (I do not like the red line. The red line can go jump.), and the downturn in the housing market is finally hitting this area (link via Clay), I find myself glad that we have some opportunities coming up in the very near future to gather together and commiserate about it all.

Please click on the above image and register today. It's not too late!

Another image on which to click:

Please please, folks. Hold it all together until we can gather...

Update on the Walking Id's honoring, 5:46 PM: Loki of Humid City got a call back from Jackie Clarkson concerning the event, Kevin Allman has more at the Blog of NO, and E gives us a detailed look at who-all is involved.

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Adrastos said...

The red line looks like an outlier to me. Look at that big clump of lines in the Atlantic.