Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Over at Gambit's Blog of New Orleans this morning: The Prejudice Engine

Yes, I'm tooting my own horn. But I'm also taking the opportunity to add some supplementals (slight emphasis on "mental" - myself included).

Every RSD-labeled post at E's neck of the woods.

Editor B's account of the meeting concerning Lindy Boggs Medical Center as the site for the VA. Key observation:

Before the public comment, a number of officials spoke, but the person who made the biggest impression on me was Ed Blakely, the Recovery Czar. I was really taken aback by his comments. He basically said if the Lindy Boggs site was chosen, the VA would get no help from the City of New Orleans. His office will provide assistance for one site only: the “preferred site” in lower Mid-City. In other words, the City will help take land through eminent domain and raze acres of historic neighborhood — but won’t provide any assistance if the VA decides to build on the site of an old hospital. I found that strange, to say the least. Why would the City be so adamant about this? Should the Recovery Czar be bending over backward to help the VA Medical Center get built at the best possible site in Orleans Parish, regardless of any preconceived notions about where that site might be?

Look through the archives of Regional Modernism::New Orleans as well as their Flickr pages. Good, good work being done there.

Throat is still sore. Must refrain from laughing, which is what causes the bronchials to act up. Which means I may need to quit reading the bloggers' listserve...

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saintseester said...

Great job over there. You should toot your own horn; much deserved.