Sunday, November 11, 2007

Yeah, it's about how I've been feeling for the past week or so. And, unfortunately, I don't think it's over yet...

I'd say Ian sums it all up about the latest Saints' game. "Severed as head coach", indeed. I also spoke with many knowledgeable parents at the birthday party of a friend of the little guy, and they all agree with the black pants theory concerning the Saints' fortunes. Somebody also mentioned red pants as flag in that department as well. Anybody got any stats on that?

I want to clear out my back shed for my new possibility, my return to the glass grind. Problem is: my house is being repainted. The paint fumes are seeping into our home. We live in a sieve as far as all that stuff is concerned. Old New Orleans homes: live in a landmark, die from the upkeep. I'm having to stay out of the house as much as I can during the day just so's I can breathe.The primer coat is on the front of the house at least, but the painters will be doing the back, which means we'll most likely be sleeping in our living room for the next few days. Color suggestions are tolerated. Neither black nor red are options. Seriously.

Update, 11-12: Okay, so maybe I oughta reconsider on the red or the black...hmmmm...

I'm considering voting absentee on the At-Large council seat, since I won't be in town for the election. I haven't been particularly enthused at this point...BUT there's a bit of a dilemma that has presented itself, thanks to David's comments on Oyster's Jackie Clarkson post. If one votes for Clarkson and she wins, Cynthia Willard-Lewis is still on the council, right? What good will that do? On the other hand, if it's C. W-L that gets it, it opens up another council seat, correct? Does that call for another election? An appointee? Another opportunity to get someone with brains in the seat or an easy path to getting someone with brains IN their seat, where they clearly don't belong? As Vinnie Barbarino would say, "I'm so confused!!!!"

Oh, and to top it all off? Our rabbi, who has only been here for a few years, is off to a congregation on the East Coast come this summer.

Somebody get me some Long Island Iced Teas, please. Or, perhaps, the drink I resemble most. Which, strangely enough, I've never had, ever. Probably because it would be some bizarre from of alcoholic cannibalism.

*Above picture is the cover of this book. Gotta love the follow-up, too, especially the cover.


saintseester said...

1. Love the Kvetch picture
2. My drink came up as a cosmopolitan, which I do like the taste of, although I never order them.
3. I hate paint fumes, too. But I often subject myself to them, as I can't stand to let anyone else paint a room.

Leigh C. said...

Number Three is kinda impossible for us. Outside of the house + nearly three stories + high ceilings + narrow alleys between the houses on our street = hire it out.

Never been this bothered by paint fumes before, but then again, I've never lived in a place that needed an all-over paint job like this house does.

asoom said...

With regards to saints fiasco, yea we were all crying (sniffle sniffle)

I didn't know you were jewish, hmm if you're active in the new orleans jewish community you probably know the coordinator of my program at tulane who was very active in the jewish community (and a religious jew), and a very nice lady who helped me through some obstacles.....but I won't say her name I'm trying hard to keep my blog anonymous and away from people that know me LOL.

Leigh C. said...

Asoom, I haven't been in the loop of the greater Jewish community here since before we headed up to NYC nearly six years ago. We stay involved with our own synagogue these days and that's about it. In other words, I have no clue who you really are...and even if I did, the secret's safe with moi.


cero said...

The picture is really funny!

Sophmom said...

I just followed the "drink I resemble most link" and hadn't read that post before. I'm sure I don't need to say that the parent who "advised" you was a dumbass (did I just use that in two comments in a row?) and you can never teach a kid not to hit by, er, hitting. Duh.