Wednesday, November 14, 2007

In light of the A.C. o' E's recent hissy fit concerning the PSA of kids informing adults of the way the Corps directed the analysis of itself (reminds me of Mel Brooks' "Heil myself!!!") that I posted last week, I feel it is now my duty to play it again before they get the 17-year-old webmaster of the site to delete his handiwork.

Oh, dear. Seems they got to the young 'uns already. Oh, well.

But wait! It LIVES!!!!! Thanks, Scout.

Since I will be out of blog range for a time, I may post something else I've been working on for a few days, if I can get it out of the blender called my brain. Stay tuned...

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Sophmom said...

Heh heh. We must have published the pirated YouTube rather than the official YouTube, 'cause we're both still up and running. I wonder how many posts of the video online were caused by the ASCE's fuss? I was going to let it lie until I read the T-P article. I'd seen it, but figured enough had posted it, until I heard it was being taken down. Dumbasses. Thanks for the heads up about Greg. And, you're most welcome. :D