Wednesday, November 28, 2007


let's see...How does your average mom procrastinate?

First off: let your exhausted young 'un sleep in a little. Wake him up, get him dressed, stuff him with some breakfast, and get him to school, even though he's a bit late.

Then: head for a local breakfast place, finish up some light reading and continue on with some heavier reading. Try not to get too het up over the heavier reading, as it covers stuff that cuts too close to this mama's bones and usually has her throwing a book such as the heavier reading is against a wall someplace. As I am in a public place, however, I don't want to damage their wall or their furniture.

ANYway: Pay for the late breakfast and head off to the facilities. Come back and run into a local blogger. Talk about procrastination and other stuff and procrastinate some more. Damn, you're avoiding a great deal! Good...uhhh...bad job! Get in the car. Today!!!!

Head on down the road: walk the dog when you get home. Revel in the gorgeous day that has magically appeared. Try to ignore the headache that is sneaking up on you. Take your dog home and try to treat that abandoned cab in front of your home as though it is concealed behind an S.E.P. Oh, no, the fact that you've still noticed the cab is only contributing to your headache.

What else is contributing to your headache?: thinking about all the dinosaur-shaped cupcakes you are gonna make for the little guy's birthday and how you will approach their decoration. Think about the big job you have sitting in the backyard - the cleaning and overhauling of the back shed that you wanna turn into a studio. Think about the kiddie party favors - or no. There, now you've done it. Your head is ready to explode.

Gee. What will bring you back to feeling like a human again?

Will it be: procrastination with the help of the Internet? Here's something related to another good read of yours:

You are Schroeder!
Take this quiz!

Dude, I'm not Schroeder! This guy is!!!!! Sheesh...

Will it be: rest and then head for the pickup of the little guy at his school, even though you still feel like you're gonna puke from the migraine you clearly have?

Oh, hey! Check out this option!: a nice little something in your purse. Take some.

Guess what: it doesn't work right away, but it does help you through schmoozing with your little guy's teacher about how well he's doing. It gets you through shopping at the grocery store with him, and it gets you thinking about one of the doofus commercials you saw when you were visiting with your family over Thanksgiving. Monique apparently concluded on the TV, but not online, that having the contact lenses made her feel better about being a mom. What utter crapola! you said at the time.

Well: now, you are happy for the modern miracle of Excedrin for Migraines. Because it did help you out some today.

Tomorrow, though: get to that damn back shed!

Related news, 11-30: Mr Clio finds some good ol' Peanuts fun on YouTube.


charlotte said...

Is there an Excedrin for migraines? I need to try that!

Good post - you are just naturally funny. :)

I was Franklin in the quiz. "one of the crowd but also happy to do your own thing."

asoom said...

I believe I have migraines but my doctor told me she didn't think so. I got these regular pulsating headaches, I have one now and I'm waiting for the advil to kick in.

See at least you're a mom, you have a good excuse for your procrastination. I'm no mommy, the only productive thing I did all day was go to the gym

oyster said...

It was my pleasure to procrastinate with you. We should do it again sometime.

Good luck with that shed.

saintseester said...

Just reading this is making me feel a little stressed about all the things I need to be doing. For me,the coffee shop is dangerous. I can go there thinking it will be about a half hour and it turns in to two or three more.

jeffrey said...

That reminds me. I have some light reading material of yours that needs be returned. Perhaps next time I catch you procrastinating I'll remember that.

LisaPal said...

I live by the motto, "always put off 'till tomorrow what can do today." Yes, I live by it every day.

saintseester said...

Oh I forgot my brother-in-law's favorite mantra: "If you wait until the last minute to do something, then it only takes a minute to do it."

pansypoo said...

sally. not schroeder. at least i ain't lucy or charlie brown.

peanuts had horoscopes?

Leigh C. said...

Apparently, they had horoscopes. I'd go through and check the exact dates of each character's creation, but I'm not THAT kind of Peanuts obsessive...