Thursday, August 02, 2007

Uh, gross.

But there are some damned important points being made in the post, among them, the on-the-books ordinances concerning vacant lots that are increasingly going to come into play if the city chooses to do so - or if it gets forced to due to the lawsuits over incidences of pus leg in the populace trying to maintain those lots.

And there may well be more abandoned properties not only because of the surprise, surprise, surprise demolitions all over the place, but because of the recent assessments on properties (yeah, I know the title of the post is a bit rude. Think of how you'd feel, sitting in a crippled, ruined city in which the so-called leaders don't care too much about getting city services back and thriving. Your energy and water bills are sky-high, the feds don't want to help fund stronger protection for your city, and then your housing assessments more than double - and in some cases, are tripled. Yeah, take it all New Orleans. My children, pets, and blood, too.). Buh-bye taxpayers, and screw you. We're rebuilding New Orleans in the image of condos - and yuppies - in the sky.


Update: Okay, so there's another way to look at the reassessments. As it is, my husband doesn't want to contest the assessment on our place, which has more than doubled, for fear that it will go higher. Those millage rollbacks better be moving, moving, moving on down.


While we're all at being angry, let's kick someone for immediately thinking this bridge collapse was a terrorist act. Send your good thoughts, healing wishes and some r'fuah shleimah to the victims in Minneapolis - St Paul.

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Charlotte said...

I hope the city and the families of the victims have closure on the soon, unlike here where victims were found a year later.....