Friday, August 03, 2007

Camp is ovah!

Thank GOD! Thank the passage of time! Pray for me as I head onto an airplane soon to "blow this popsicle stand" for a time. The way this past week has been going...well, the kids seem to have been rubbed against a carpet until they are fully electrically charged and then let go to drive us all nuts. Saw the Simpsons movie and have "Spider Pig" running through my head - the kids even wanted me to have them do it for "Simon Says". Plus, an infamous injury quote this week, from a counselor accidentally kneed in the face by a camper:

I'm bleeding. Nobody makes me bleed my own blood.

He's fine now. Really.

Weird end-of-camp funnies:

Last week, a camper known for amazing feats along the lines of "losing his head if it weren't attached" lost his lunch.

No, no, not that. We couldn't find his midday meal and had to raid camp kitchens for stuff.

This week, my co-head teacher comes over to me with a ziploc bag full of noodles. "This was on the Lost and Found table," she said, smiling.

"And I know whose bag it is!" I said, laughing.

Sure enough, she looked a little more and found a tell-tale brown bag on the table with said camper's name on it. Too bad the lost and found isn't kept in a cooler...


They call me Ms Pitiful.

No, really...

Campers' lunchtime impressions of me getting them to quietly head down the hall:

Kid 1: Okay, everybody! Fingers on the lips...

Some kids (scattered, not too loud): Hands on the hips!

Kid 2: Ohhh, that was pitiful!

Kid 3: Fingers on the lips!

All kids: Hands on the hips!

Kid 4: (doing something I don't do): Ohhh, that was even more pitiful!


Kid 1: Fingers on the lips! (more giggles)

Me: Gotta come up with a new word other than "pitiful"...


And finally.... the kid curse of the summer!

Four-year-old, laden with stuff, after stubbing his toe and tripping a little on his last day:

"Oh, poop in the butt!"

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