Tuesday, August 07, 2007

One of many, many reasons I am privileged to live in New Orleans: this man's writing:

In spite of the weight of history and the difficulty of the moment, I am not living in the past. Increasingly, I am living in a Richard Alpert Right Now, a locus in time informed by the landscape around me and my sense of its age, its rightness for the place, the uneven and green-occluded site lines of a city settling into the earth as perfectly as a Mayan ruin rising out of the jungle. The monumentality of the city informs the moment as you perceive it, but to truly live here is to walk through a series of present moments like cells in a film, the action is in front of you or inside of you and the great pillared oaks and moss-draped homes are just backdrop.

Read the rest of Mark's latest. Because Oyster's right:

...it will take me a long time and several readings to figure out my favorite sentence from this piece. And that's a wonderful little task to have.

I'm gonna go recover from studying Torah and Talmud over some beer...


Let's all send out some r'fuah shleimah to Pistolette's family. This is terrible news. And very sudden, indeed.


oyster said...

Mark Folse is great. And I still can't get over we can regularly read great stuff like that for free.

Anonymous said...

Beer and religion...now that's a concept that might actually get me to church.

Leigh C. said...

As Jews, we're actually commanded to get drunk as skunks on Purim. From a Kabbalistic standpoint, it will help everyone transcend concepts of good and evil.

Sophmom said...

Your blog looks fabulous!

Catholics are devoted to drinking as well. I sometimes think the entire Catholic Church is structured like one big alcoholic family with the Pope seated as the drunk... but, I digress.

So, Leigh, did you attend aforementioned studies out of town? I'm wondering if you'd wandered up my way?

Anyway, Mr. Wet's writing always sends chills up my spine. He's got the gift, that's for sure. I also need to thank you for the heads up because I hadn't seen Pistolette's blog before. I must not have been paying enough attention. Dang, life, getting in the way of my blogging recently.

Finally, (and I know this is ADHD choppy - sorry) I remember when we first "met" in the blogosphere and how supportive and tender your prayers were for me last winter when Sean was dying. It still hurts to think about it all but the outpouring of support from my blog friends meant a whole lot and I will always be thankful.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone later this month. Peace.

Leigh C. said...

In time, I shall reveal where I've been...in time, in time. 8-)

And, blogging starts out as a simple life chronicle and ends up being so much more. I myself treasure the connections I've made with great folks such as yourself through blogging. Can't picture life without it now...


Sophmom said...