Monday, August 06, 2007

Ladies and gentlemen, you are reading the blog of a rude, crude doofus.

Exhibit A: my last post.

I really thought this disaster preparedness session was going to be a joke. I was surprised and grateful that it wasn't. I was ticked that only eight people showed up for it. I was not at all upset about missing a choir practice to stay for the whole thing. I wish more of the educators attending this conference were required to attend the session. I wrote that down on my session evaluation to the conference powers-that-be.

This stuff is vikhtik. Very important.

Loads of resources. Great, useful tips on risk assessment and which security measures will reduce anxiety or reduce risk. Meaningful discussions on all types of stuff that happens. And all of this orchestrated by a very brave lady who survived a shooting/hate crime at a Jewish organization. Bless her for bearing witness, for telling her story. Bless her for listening to everyone's concerns and taking them seriously. She is one inspiring woman, and I'm sorry Edie and I nearly didn't give her a chance.

I now have loads of information to use wisely. And I know one of the first people I'm gonna share it with...

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