Thursday, August 23, 2007

Hey, everybody!

Give this man a hearty yashir koach (well done) for his recent radio interviews that truly define "helping the brand". Take that, C. "Walking Id" Ray!

Actually, I recommend that all of us take a full weekend dose of this:
The Rising Tide Conference

because it starts tomorrow, y'all. I can't wait!

I am sad to say, however, that this lady won't be on any of the panels...sorry, Clay. Heh.

Update, 8-24: She may not be on any of the panels, but according to Madame Dangerblond, Jeannette Maier is looking to make an appearance. Hold on to everything, y'all!


dillyberto said...

Great to watch you in action with the intro for the keynote.

Great work.

Thank you for your service to the blogosphere.

Leigh C. said...

Thank YOU, Dillyberto!

I'm so glad you made it! 8-)