Thursday, May 10, 2007

Scroll down, people.

ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL the way down this blog.

Contribute to this fellow's nonprofit and life will be good. There will be a spring in your step, a sparkle in your smile, because you have just contributed some dough to a forum that is giving people a voice, and a little help.

Just so you can't weasel out of things too easily, I've stuck a widget on my own blog that will endure for a bit once this post has entered the archives, but the widget can only fit at the very bottom without throwing the template outta whack.

So give your mouse finger a little exercise, folks. Scroll ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL the way down and give a little.

And if you don't like the exercise, well, as my dad likes to say: "TOUGH TOENAILS."

Update, 9:51 AM : Check Stephen Colbert's take on the government's version of "tough toenails" to the governor of Kansas, by way of Mr. Clio. What a hoot!

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