Thursday, May 17, 2007

Our roof is finally - finally- being worked on.

If anyone happens to venture down the gray brick road and sees a bunch of fellas ripping off a whole bunch of laths and carefully piling some red tiles off a precariously high roof, well, pray that the job gets done right and that all those souls successfully defy gravity in the time it takes to get the roofing material on, get new laths up, and get all the tiles back on. Dan has said, "Oh, it should take about two weeks."

Shhhhyeah, right. I'll believe that if and/or when it happens.

I should probably spend more time on my recently discovered talent, anyhow. I called Dan the other day just to leave a message for him - I figured, since he was away on bidness, that I'd just leave it on the voicemail and he'd get it. It wasn't an emergency or anything.

I didn't expect him to call back so soon.

Me - Hello?
Dan - How did you know I was in the middle of my presentation?
Me - Honey, I didn't know squat about that. I didn't even expect you to call me back so soon. I figured you'd just play back the message later. (guilty tone) Uhhh, did the cell ring in the middle?
Dan - Well, no, I'd set it to vibrate. I could feel it.
Me - (laughing)
Dan - It's just used to do this in New York, too...and my mom would do this on occasion when I was working at (No-Cal HMO)... It's weird...
Me - (still laughing) Oh my GOD! What a hoot!

So this probably means a number of things.

I'm probably turning into my mother-in-law (ohhhh, boy...).

I have an intuition that can sense, across great distances, the exact moment when Dan is in the middle of something momentously, publicly productive...and I must communicate this through the cellular airwaves.

Dan and I were just meant for each other, I guess.

Good vibrations....



Oh, and the NOLA blogpocheh has jumped on this one and swarmed around it like the Formosan termites around the streetlights...although this guy has a bone to pick with the unproven science in the article. Forward the Barry article to all the folks who think things are just hunky-dory down here. Don't forget that it could happen to you.


saintseester said...

Funny on the phone thing. My husband has the uncanny ability to ring me at home just after I have stepped into the shower. I always think it is the kids' school or something, because he never calls me other times.

Maitri said...

My mom has a tendency to call me when I'm in the middle of something naughty (I call it her unchaste-dar).