Saturday, May 12, 2007

Dan's Deep Thoughts

(a touch of love)

- "Hey, do you think we should let our son watch Borat?"
"Think about it. He'll just recognize the voice of King Julien, right?"

-"What do you think would happen if you put some stool softener on an actual wood, metal, or plastic barstool? D'you think it would soften up?"

-Enthusiastically communicating some news over the phone to our pal Justin, the tree man:
"The termites are swarming! The termites are swarming!...Yeah, some of them have made their way into the house, and Leigh's killing them with the remote!"
(to me) "You can just squish them with your fingers, you know."

-On hearing that our son was bit by a classmate at school one day:
"What did he do to deserve the bite? He must have done something..."

And finally, in advance honor of our anniversary (May 20):
-On our honeymoon, this was frequently overheard from Dan every time we drove through the Andalusian countryside:
"It looks like California!"

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chrissieroux said...

Ha! Stool softener! Good one.