Thursday, November 12, 2009

So I've been under the weather. No swine are anywhere near me, or their flu, thanks, but the collision in my body of antihistamines and cold virus is making for some bizarre dreams involving Maitri in a Bucky the Badger suit and some interesting reading choices of mine from the local library. All it is is misery accompanied by a rough throat and a nose running like a faucet. Adding to the misery is the fact that my husband is working his tail off after his day job as well...but even if he weren't, I would have to thank the hypochondriac elder family member who raised him by hacking and dripping snot all over said hypochondriac as I hugged the hypochondriac tight tight tight, because the hypochondriac has raised a man who is now unsympathetic to any aches and pains one might suffer as a result of any viruses raging through one's body. I think only a severed limb and quarts of blood lost could raise any sympathy from him at this point...and then he'd be glancing furtively around the ER and asking repeatedly when we could leave, as there are too many sick people at the hospital.


But hey, sickness knows no stop when it comes to blogging, as you can see. And the FREE Blogging 101 course at the Bridge Lounge is also not dependent upon my sniffles and coughs to get going in full swing. So head on over there come 6:30 PM with laptop in tow (doesn't matter if it's yours or not). You'll be glad you did.

And, in honor of the title of my post at the Rising Tide blog, I give you this earworm. Enjoy!


saintseester said...

I am glad you do not have the flu, because it appears to be wicked.

I am completely understanding of the man who does not sympathize with anyone who is ill. Once, after vomiting all night, and requiring IV fluids, my (future)husband came in a few hours later and said if I got up and walked it off I would feel better. I had strep throat.

Then, I had pneumonia a few years ago. I came home from the doctor after he threatened to admit me to the hospital and my husband was upset because I was hoping maybe he'd bring me some soup so I didn't have to stand in the kitchen fixing it myself.

I understand, completely and totally. Please take care of you. If I lived nearby, I'd make sure you had soup.

Maitri said...

Ohhh, poor you. If I were there, I'd put on my Bucky Badger outfit and bring you some soup!

Wait a second, dreams of me in a Bucky Badger suit?! What sort of furry freak are you?

Leigh C. said...

That Bucky Badger has warped my fragile little mind. You were wearing the suit to help wake me up after a long flight I took to visit you and...well, my subconscious mind on DayQuil is messed up.