Sunday, November 08, 2009

FINALLY, the comic that ought to make the term "Fujita-style" commonplace is online here. Just in time for the Saints to create the world's most incredibly pleasantly surprised emoticon.

I got a call at Edie's, where we now go to watch most of the games, and it was promptly dropped in the cellular black hole that takes the form of Edie's kitchen. Seeing it was my parents that called, I moved out of the kitchen and in sight of the TV and called back.

"Hey, there's that hurricane out there..."
"Yeah, Ida, Mom."
"What's the word where you are?"
"Well, it's a category 2, we're on the edge of the cone...andOH IS HE IN? HEEEY THEY MADE IT! WE'RE GONNA BE TIED, BABYoh, sorry Mom, we're at Edie's watching the game."
"Uh-huh, I see."
"The most they've forecast is some winds and rain for us, but it's not gonna comeHEY THERE'S THE EXTRA POINT HERE THEY COMEover here."
Mom sighing a little "You know you can come over here if you need to evacuate."
"Oh, I know, Mom. But boy, I'll tell you, the Superdome is packed full of people watching this game. It's not coming here, and we'll just batten down whatever hatches may need it."
"Okay, then, we'll let you get back to your game."
"Talk with you later, Mom. Love you, buh-bye."

Really, I know I should be more concerned, as they just called in my son's school closing tomorrow in anticipation of some stormy weather...but hey, 8-0!!!!

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