Monday, November 16, 2009

OPINION POLL: 702-932-3401 shows up on the Caller ID, and I nearly let it run to voice mail...

...but I thought of this and decided to take a chance.

My hunch proved correct.

The pollster asked me about the 2010 mayor's race. I was asked first about a bunch of well-known Louisiana pols and how I rated each one. Yep, the usual suspects ran by me: Jindal, the Walking Id, Mary Contrary Landrieu, John Georges, Eddie Sapir...uh, wait, time warp...oh, and we're back!

My opinion of, if the mayor's race were held today, who would it be for me?

My opinion of whether or not I'd heard of the current mayoral candidates. There was only one I hadn't heard of, a Nadine Somebody (Update, 11/17: Seems Nadine "Somebody" Ramsey has had to return some campaign funds, as there shouldn't be a felon funding one's campaign...there go da judge, there go da judge). I think.

Who would my first and second choices be in the mayoral race if Mitch were in it?

Are the problems in City Hall due to the African-American community having too much influence on things or the Caucasian community having too much influence on things?

What would I consider more important: developing things on the business end out of the mayor's office or working on lowering crime rates, improving education, and creating jobs out of the mayor's office?

Three bits of good news and three bits of bad news concerning Mitch and his good and not-so-good works: had I heard that he'd brought loads of new jobs, especially in entertainment, to New Orleans? Had I heard that he'd just spent thousands of $$$ redoing the Lieutenant Governor's office in Red Stick? I'd heard something about the former, not so much about the latter. I chatted with the pollster about how the lack of information and the dearth of any kind of stance and vision for New Orleans coming out of the current candidates was sorely lacking, and it was also lacking from Mitch in the '06 election.

They wanted my vitals just to confirm how old I was, where I lived, etc. etc.


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Kelly said...

Hmmm. Time will tell. At least it will shake things up and bit and maybe turn this into a race rather than a hobble.