Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Just a couple of PSAs:

Go help save the Hippo if you can. And no, it doesn't involve putting the big goof's tongue back in his mouth. Even if you can't contribute monetarily, see what kind of strings could be pulled to ease his doggie pains.

Also, if you are in a masters program here in New Orleans and your degree studies have anything to do with public health or the public well-being, this might be for you:
In the spring of 2010, approximately 15 New Orleans Schweitzer Fellows will be selected from applications submitted by students in a diversity of fields, including but not limited to medicine, nursing, dentistry, public health, social work, psychology, pharmacy, education, physical therapy, law, nutrition, art therapy, dance/movement therapy, music, and acupuncture. We seek Fellows from an array of disciplines to contribute to the health of our communities.

Fellowship projects include the following:

  • a minimum of 200 hours of direct service through an existing community based organization in the New Orleans area;
  • a supervisor, or Site Mentor, at the host organization and a Faculty Mentor at the student’s school;
  • monthly progress reports on the Fellow’s project;
  • a written report at the conclusion of the project, including recommendations for ways in which the most valuable aspects of the Fellow’s project and experiences can be replicated or sustained;
  • professional development in skills related to working with underserved communities;
  • an opportunity to be part of an interdisciplinary group of students committed to working in underserved communities.

In addition to the service project, Fellows work in groups to organize public symposia on pertinent public health topics or community service outreach activities. Fellows are required to attend monthly meetings, all symposia and service days, an introductory meeting on April 16th, 2010, a weekend orientation May 22-23rd, 2010, a mid-year retreat, and the annual Schweitzer Fellows Celebration Event in May 2011.

Students are welcome to submit proposals for an original project that reflects Dr. Schweitzer’s ethic of Reverence for Life or for the continuation of a project initiated by a previous Schweitzer Fellow.

Fellows receive a stipend of $2,500 (paid in three installments) both to underscore the seriousness of their work and to ensure that students who are already struggling financially are not discouraged from participating. Any student enrolled at least part-time for the 2010-2011 academic year in a graduate-level-degree-granting program in the New Orleans area is welcome to apply. Applications are due via online submission by 5pm February 5th, 2010.

It certainly might help us get our health care situation in this town above and beyond health clinics at the local convention center - which, don't get me wrong, are nifty for those who can't afford to even go to a doctor, but most of the people here need much more than just one visit to maintain their health.

And, this morning, I am greeted by this plea for all fans attending Saints games to purchase a certain scarf and wave it 'round whenever the home team scores 'cause it'll be really cool. It leads me to my own personal hue and cry regarding a certain piece of Saints merchandise that is sorely underrepresented in local stores. There are LOADS of LSU ones that are ugly as sin, but I have not seen this snazzy li'l number at Walgreens yet:

I mean, our electric bills are four times what they were when we first moved into our place approximately nine years ago. My son hogs all the blankets in the house when my husband isn't doing it. I've been looking for the perfect thing to commemorate this season that could be the biggest home team accomplishment ever or the biggest trainwreck ever, but I don't have enough moolah to get a stylin' jersey.

Plus, black is slimming, my husband's a Niners fan, so I KNOW he wouldn't be caught dead wearing the thing, and I could lounge all I want whilst looking up the details of the '72 Dolphins season for comparison's sake if the luck o' the Saints holds. Yes, I am that far gone. Was that even in question?

So just chalk it up on my Chanukah wish list. That and a new dishwasher....which can be black and gold, too. I don't care, so long as it works.

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