Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Morning outrages:

(Note To All: Folks, Lubavitcher Hasidim are not out in places like Mumbai to convert everybody to Judaism. When they are on the street with a mini-sukkah at the Sukkot holiday, for instance, they will first ask passersby if they are Jewish. They will not bother you if you are not Jewish. Their role is to help make secular, non-observant Jews more observant in their Jewish practices, and to assist the observant in doing things such as eating kosher meals abroad. It puts the Mumbai terrorists' actions in a truly insidious perspective: they knew the Chabadniks weren't going to approach them, so they approached the Chabadniks and gained their trust only to torture them and murder them in the name of jihad. This was probably done to people all over Mumbai.)

The Jihadi as Nazi, from 9-11 to Mumbai :

It turns out, that when Jews suspected that the Jihadi hated the Jew the way
the Nazi hated the Jew, they were right.

After all this time, I am embarrassed to admit that only when the monsters entered Chabad House in Mumbai, did I understand.

Monsters, not solely for what they did there, but, if the reports are to be believed, for the fact that they were able to do what they did after having actually gotten to know the young couple who founded the center, after asking them for shelter in Chabad House, after telling them that they were Malaysian students eager to learn about Judaism.

Monsters, for having befriended these sweet people in order to better learn how to execute them. Monsters, for having targeted a young couple who had devoted their lives to helping others better live theirs, despite having had a baby who died of a genetic disease and a second child ill and under treatment far away in Israel.

Oyster updates us on the Entergy street tile replacement fiasco dating from before Ashley Morris' passing. "OAK" is there...the street corner now needs the "BIRCH". How difficult can replacing those tiles be?...wait, the question probably ought to be "how difficult can Entergy make the task of embedding street name tiles in concrete?" I want details. I also want it done.

E tells us the media is being shut out of yet another meeting regarding Big Charity's future - the old Big Charity building, that is. Something's a tad fishy when even the governor is urging LSU to let the media into the building to see what its current condition is.

My suggestion for a soundtrack:

...written about this experience.

...Yeah, all fall down, somebody help me off of the ground...

Knew there was a reason why I pulled the Working Man's Cafe album out for listening today.

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Anonymous said...

I had not heard that the terrorists had infiltrated the Chabad house in such a manner. It literally makes my skin crawl.