Monday, December 15, 2008

Dan keeps saying that I must counter some of the nastier YouTubes in this bloody hollerday war with some sort of porn. "Naked Christmas! Naked Christmas!" he keeps telling me, with a teensy bit of drool emanating from one corner of his lip.

Well, my neighbor told me of a little something...but it is risque, so click on the link below only when you are not at work and the kids are all safe in their beds.

Then, feel free to live it up with Hot Jewish Chicks.

In somewhat related news, Big Daddy's goes belly-up. Never been in there, but the place still had an effect on me...and on some unsuspecting relatives of mine. After a less-than-stellar dinner at Antoine's (this was before we had our own waiter over there), I took said relatives down that block of Bourbon Street and they were suitably shocked and appalled. "Topless and bottomless!!!" one of 'em exclaimed as she held onto my shirt sleeve for dear life, staring at the mannequin's legs popping in and out of the building as though they were portents of disasters yet to come.

This was pre-8-29, so perhaps she was right...

1 comment:

Daniel Z said...

I was thinking she would have Star of David pasties on.

I actually found that quite humorous.