Thursday, December 18, 2008

It is the tip of a massive iceberg, one that has many of us trying to figure it out. It's one of the reasons why, for the first time in this city's history, we have an inspector general in the first place.

Where the hell is the city's money going?

Since this investigation has got to start somewhere, Inspector General Robert Cerasoli begins with the "company cars" and finds that, if the city pares down the current number of cars in its fleet from 273 to 60, the maximum number allowed under city ordinance, then we will be saved a grand total of close to:

Mr Walki...errr...Mayor Nagin, just something to consider:

You know, you can own the most pimped-out vehicle on the market, but with the city's streets being in the condition that they are, why would you want to destroy its suspension like that? And you have the personal use of two late-model vehicles? That's really gonna cost us, the humble city taxpayers, in repairs on that Lincoln and that Expedition.

Please pick your battles more wisely, sir, and sell the Lincoln at least, along with the extra 212 vehicles. The cuts the Council wants to make in the city budget pertaining to fleet purchases and fuel can easily be made up in this way.

You are holding the freaking checkbook...

Mazel tov and yashir koach to Mr Cerasoli on the publishing of his first comprehensive findings concerning the (non)workings of our city's government. Please keep it up, no matter what happens. We all need this.


Whooo! Hannukah's around the corner...

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