Friday, November 07, 2008

Received in my email from my son's school, just now:

Hello Everyone.

I am writing to give a report on tonight's OPSB meeting. The School Facilities Master Plan was passed with only one member voting no. Responding to public input, during the formal meeting and before the vote, both State Superintendent Paul Pastorek and NOPS Superintendent Darryl Kilbert vowed to work closely with existing programs, who's buildings are scheduled to be closed, to find an alternative site appropriate to the program. As of now, we are the only program in this situation, so they were talking about us. After the meeting, I spoke to both of them personally and they reiterated this commitment. As Paul Pastorek told me, "As long as I am here, I give you my commitment that we will work with you to find an acceptable alternative facility." (Rough quote.)

I will contact the appropriate RSD official tomorrow the begin this dialogue immediately.

Read more about the pre-vote changes to the Master Plan here. More details on the meeting and the vote can be found here and here.

A more "responsive" press release, detailing the schools to be demolished under Phase 1 of the plan, can be found here.

I can't go into great detail on what exactly will happen with my son's school, but I know now that Paul Vallas, in saying on October 1st that the Master Plan would be under review every six months after its approval, will be held to his word by the president of the school's charter board.

That crucial review period is all that's left for those who didn't get what they wanted for their children and their communities.

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