Thursday, November 06, 2008


It's all free!

The ultracool map that is a work of art in itself is FREE.

I have to carry tissues with me every time I open it, however, because the ink used in the printing of it really irritates me. If it does the same for you, open the thing up and air it out a little. Otherwise, don't open it up unless you absolutely have to - or, when you do open it up, just frame it on your wall. I'm not kidding, there. It really IS a work of art.

The shuttle one can take to see it all is free as well, so locals can definitely do this if they wanna. Perhaps the RTA needs to take some cues from the art organizers on this one.

The thing I am enjoying about it the most, however, is how many local artists are involved. Especially in places like the Marigny around St Claude Avenue and the Ninth Ward. Sure, there's plenty of dots on the map for the usual Julia Street galleries, but that would really be taking the easy way out in terms of art tourism.

Get yourself out there and head for the Colton School, especially because Michelle Levine's Signs of the Times are on view there, as well as many other local folks' works.

While you're there, head for the old Universal Furniture building further downtown from Colton and take in even more local art. Then, when you've had enough, go see some installation work on the lake side of Claiborne Avenue and some photography at the L9 Center For The Arts closer to the river.

And just when you think the visiting Art world folks are only dropping in from the sky to grace us with their presence, they throw some curveballs:

Have fun, folks. You have less than 11 weeks to do so.

Update, 6:10 PM: Consult with ArtVoices magazine (yes, free copies can be picked up all over town!) for more local information on the art in the galleries and around town - especially the fact that this work is now here. Go see it.

Just in time for a major art exhibition to come to town, seems Hurricane Paloma is headed towards Cuba. No word on whether or not any expensive jewelry is being dragged along with it...

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nola said...

Thanks for the pix. It's what I needed to get worked up abt getting to out there!! Cool! (Sorry abt the ink issue.)