Thursday, May 15, 2008



It's days like these that make me want to crawl back into bed and start over.

Days when the natural disasters are making it clear that the earth is groaning from the environmental burdens we have placed on it:

Days when our most unnatural disasters are piling it on:

And a day when the weather is cruddy, my car failed to start outside the coffee shop, and I can't reach my husband, who is out of town, to see if he renewed his AAA membership and, if he did, could he please call them up to tow the damn car to our mechanic.


However, I am grateful for two things:

1) The rain has washed all the love bug carcasses off the windshield of the car. I can now see well enough not to drive it.

2) I am in the most perfect attire for a day like today, and I am supporting a badass beautiful mama of three equally beautiful children by wearing it.

Hana sez: Believe me when I tell you these are not my kids...even though they may be behaving like them.

You, too, can own the perfect shirt for those days when the world is weighing down on you by heading here. Donate a little something to Remember Ashley Morris while you're at it.

I must say that the shirt dries off very nicely after a soaking rain and does feel great.

Things can only go onward and upward after a day like today, right?

'Cause if not, well...


NOLA Cleophatra said...

I can completely relate to you what you're saying...

I think I'll put iron-on letters on the back of my shirt that spell: "The hammer"

yeah... I'm feeling better already

swampwoman said...

Love the shirt - is there anything written on the back of it?

Leigh C. said...

On the back:
Sinn Fein/Ourselves Alone

A.F. said...

We were thinking alike today...I awoke all upset about the earth having had enough and the unnatural disasters, too, but my car didn't break down, so you had the worse day for sure. Thanks for the link to Dirty Coast! I didn't know about it, and those are the coolest t-shirts around. FYYFF and GeauxBama!

Karen said...

You can always call me when you get stuck out there in the crap car wilderness.

Sophmom said...

I came to New Orleans and my truck died. It's going home on a trailer and I'm going home to no wheels. *sniff*

Leigh C. said...

New Orleans: Where Cars Go To Die.