Sunday, January 07, 2007

It's not much of a secret that the bylines of many of the local news items I've picked on here have had the name of this guy on 'em. You gotta love a guy who bucks tradition right off and goes for the jugular with his column. This city wouldn't be what it is without Chris Rose, and in honor of his most recent honor, I suggest buying his book. You'll be contributing to a few NOLA charities in the bargain, since he donates a chunk of the proceeds from book sales to them.

I'm also heartened that, in the wake of the Tower Records closure, something good has come of their absence. Local music retailers seem to be doing much better, thank you. Now, if the remains of Tower would simply release their consignment CDs by local musicians to the local record shops or, better yet, to the musicians themselves, life would be good.

Another good thing is Sean Payton getting NFL Coach of the Year by a maaaajor landslide (44 votes! The second place candidate got four). It's about time the Saints started getting somewhere, since it's only been 40 years or so. Even the late former sportscaster Buddy Diliberto agrees (and I happen to live in the only city that would even attempt to get an interview from this guy after his death).

And finally, I have a good friend and former employer who is urging everyone to vote for Reggie Bush for Rookie of the Year before the Super Bowl comes around (actually, the voting ends on January 29) . It's not every day a pro football player is responsible for saving the jobs of many, many teachers with his philanthropy. As Richard J. Daley said, vote early and often! And while you're at it, get yourself one of these stylin' shirts to further honor the only Bush we really can all agree on.

I just figured that, after my last post, the terrible murder news we have going out of this area, and our mayor opening his mouth and inserting his foot once again, I needed to post some cheery stuff.

Plus, Mardi Gras season has begun. No better way to welcome that than by killing some people, right?

God, I'm a sicko...

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