Tuesday, January 02, 2007

There's such a slew of "wrap-up" posts on the blogs I check regularly, and I was actually a tad loath to contribute one of my own - until I checked back on my very first post and realized that an important anniversary for me is coming up.

My reasons for getting started are all there. Except for the fact that I signed up for Blogger just to respond to someone else's post, and then I had the URL burning in my brain, tugging at me to be used.

There are still some people back in the neighborhood we left behind in Queens, who are keeping tabs on this little slip of the Net, and I am thankful for that. They are concerned for us on a personal level, but they also care a great deal for this crazy place we live in.

I've also garnered some regular readers, and I am thankful for that as well. Keep on checking in, y'all. Things are changing despite all the stuff I have railed against and had to ignore outright in order to get on with living and raising my family. Life can be sweet, and Dan and I still think it's even sweeter in New Orleans. The moments are simply even more savory in these times...

Recovery is indeed slow in these parts, but it has helped me a great deal to write about it. I intend to keep doing so. I invite you to continue with me on this journey.

'Cause it ain't over yet...

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