Thursday, November 30, 2006

It's the end of hurricane season. Everyone can breathe a small sigh of relief around here until May comes around once again. However, those folks in FEMA trailers must do a voluntary evac in the event of a severe winter storm, such as a nice trip to a local mall for a few hours. The phrase from Mater in the movie Cars comes to mind, "Ahm happier than a tornada inna trailer park!!!!!" Well, if the winter storms are packing a little destruction in, they'll be ecstatic about the Greater New Orleans area.

It is also the end of my blogging every day for a month. Thank God.

I guess happenings within a thirty-day period can be classified into the usual and the unusual.

The usual:
- Getting up in the morning
- Getting my son to preschool
- Walking the dog twice a day
- Doing a neighborhood recovery/restoration check
- Eating three meals a day, more or less
- Teaching art and/or Judaism three times a week
- Picking up the little guy from school
- Getting the little guy ready for bed
- Doing some reading
- Doing some needlepoint
- Greeting my husband when he arrives home from work
- Picking up the daily paper and the mail
- Blah, blah, blah

The unusual:
- The pothole from hell that is in Day 32 of its torturous (to us) existence.
- Funny remembrances of glassblowing days past ( see this, this, and, oh, this)
- The little guy's newfound love for James Brown
- Interactions with family in a different state (in more ways than one)
- Standardized testing
- Manipulative school administrators, and the PTOs that go along with 'em. God help us all.
- Hiking for tree recovery
- Teaching philosophies
- And a different kind of blah, blah, blah.

I guess.

Bottom line? Stuff happens in a month.
And no, I will not be volunteering to blog again for every day in December. None of this Holidailies stuff for me. Time for life to resume some semblance of normality that includes a tad less blogging.


thordora said...

Forcibly posting for a month is so not for me. I post almost everyday, but being pressured to do so would kill me.

Leigh C. said...

I could barely manage it myself, I'll tell you that. And my grandparents' freakiness about the use of their dial-up nearly made me throw in the towel.