Thursday, November 02, 2006

Coffee Shop Lit

Dropped my son off at school, hopped over to a local coffee place and saw they had my now-favorite free funny paper, and a copy of the latest Offbeat magazine. I sat down with my frozen coffee drink and my toasted everything bagel, and realized that I recognized one of the guys in the band pictured on the Offbeat cover as someone I used to know as a fellow glass rat. I opened up the magazine only to read a nice diatribe from the guy - one that took up a large chunk of the article - about drinking, the barfly culture in New Orleans, and other alcohol-related (and possibly alcohol soaked) musings. I mean diatribe in the best way, and I'm glad he has put his bar-hopping to artistic use.

And then I opened up The New Orleans Levee and laughed my fool head off at this:

I got some looks from other customers, but it was well worth it. Hey, if you can't have the giant sign over your convenience store and gas station in sight of the highway, then go for broke and bid on a stadium sponsorship.

Imagine having a big Wagner's Meat ad such as this on top of the Dome when the next hurricane blows through (hopefully, not in my lifetime, but that's highly unlikely). A big old storm may be able to flood the area and cause major property damage, but it can't beat Wagner's Meat!

The New Orleans Levee is a newcomer to the free paper scene down in these parts, but I think it could really give The Onion a run for its money someday. Peruse the rest of the latest issue and check out the Kim Jong-Il/governor Blanco comparison article.

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