Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Ahhh, home sweet home. DSL, sweet DSL.

I am back. Back to New Orleans. Back to a precious few flights on which we can now return to New Orleans since the storm hit. Granted, this time we were late for our flight out at LaGuardia because my husband insisted on buying two dozen bagels from his favorite bagel place in downtown Brooklyn and I went along with it, forgetting in the whole adventure how merciless traffic on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway can get. So we ended up at the world's worst airport, DC National, and we were on standby for the last flight out to NOLA. My son and I made it on. Dan will have to come in on an 8:00 AM flight tomorrow, if they don't cancel it out from under him first.

At any rate, now Delta and US Airways are On Notice as far as I'm concerned (sorry, Steven Colbert). Come ON. Schedule some more flights to New Orleans, why don't you. And don't stuff people onto one of those Embraer planes that only seat eighty-some-odd. Help out with Gulf Coast recovery, please.

I need to compose a good letter to the CEOs of those two airlines and flood their offices somehow...

So yes, I've returned. I'm having to acclimate myself once again to my ten-year-old four door sedan after driving around NYC in the Rollovermobile for the past week or so. I miss 90.7 WFUV, but there's still The Problem Child on WWOZ down here. I highly recommended Emeril's NOLA restaurant in the Quarter to a lady on the plane who is volunteering to help with recovery down here for a bit. She fretted a bit about her efforts being a drop in the bucket in the scheme of the recovery, and I told her the city would thank her tremendously.

Hello, DELTA!!! US AIRWAYS!!! Yet another way you can help, hint, hint! Provide some larger planes to carry all these wonderful people, who are daring to do the right thing and help, down to New Orleans and the Gulf Coast!!!!

Oh, my God, I am exhausted. I need to do better than post some angry rant.

'Night, all.

But rest assured, I WILL be thinking real hard about that letter to the airlines...

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