Sunday, November 05, 2006

Bit of a warm fuzzy today. I think.

I taught my religious school class this morning, laying down the law a little first by assigning seats. I tacked up a big class art project the kids did a few weeks before, and they admired it and eased right into their first lesson. There were a number of other activities scheduled during the day, so we didn't get to everything on the lessons I wanted to do.

Near the end of the school period, I said goodbye and see you tomorrow to one of the kids who attends the school where I teach art during the week. Another kid (one of the reasons why I did assigned seating in the first place; his behavior was much better when I did it) asked the first kid why he was going to see me tomorrow. When he heard I was the art teacher at the kid's school, he said to the kid, "You are so lucky!"

I felt all warm and happy, until I realized I hadn't seen the facial expression of the kid who made what I took as a compliment. He could have been rolling his eyes as he said it or something.

Simply another sign that I need to develop a thick skin.

Hope tomorrow's art classes go well...

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