Thursday, February 17, 2011

Speechless today in the face of what is happening in Wisconsin.  Just speechless.  Thank goodness for Athenae and Scout.
Oh GOD I am going to beat my head on the wall: 
While other states have proposed bills curtailing labor rights, Wisconsin's measure is the most aggressive anti-union move yet to solve state budget problems. 
Emphasis mine. 
This will not solve state budget problems. It's not intended to solve state budget problems. It won't even come close to keeping the state solvent on its own, much less make the state rich. And look, where exactly is the call for corporations to kick in to solve state budget problems? 
And hey, Mr. President, anytime you want to show up and put on a cheesehead, Bucky's ready for you:  
In an interview with Milwaukee television station WTMJ, President Barack Obama said he was monitoring the situation in Madison and acknowledged the need for budget cuts. But, he said, pushing public employees away from the bargaining table "seems like more of an assault on unions." 
SEEMS?!? You're welcome for that fucking election, Obama.
It's really about time mainstream media outlets like the Today show got on this. After all, Michael Moore has. Any move against labor rights that has the Democratic state senators leaving the state ought to be big news, right?  God forbid this spreads from state to state like wildfire or, well, like Egypt.

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