Friday, February 11, 2011

Some discussion on the Tweeter Tube ensued last night on how much Mubarak resembles some significant others we once knew...and then I found the Hebrew Mamita riffing on it.

Shoes up, everybody.

Shoes are also up for the clusterf%#k that is the tussle over who had control over the money and power generated by the keeping of the city's property records. Go read all of Dambala's part 3 over at Humid Beings.

More Vanessa Hidary goodness can be found here.

Update: 10:39 AM: Looks like Mubarak decided to give it up. A hearty mazel tov to the Egyptian people.  I hope their luck holds.  Maybe we can use their experience to our advantage here in Louisiana....

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Editilla~New Orleans Ladder said...

I heard on Al Jazeera early this morning that protesters in Alexandria were chanting --in Hebrewe-- "If Mubarak doesn't understand Arabic, We will call to him in Hebrew!"
There are MILLIONS marching around Egypt today, with their shoes still ON for now.
It's gone from the Peace Train to the Sole Train, showing Soul of Egypt.

Regarding the city's property records, I was on pins'n'needles waiting to see if this would still effect my own aspirations regarding a little duplex in the bywater.
Good News! The title search finally cleared! It took about a week.
We're scheduled to Close on the house Feb. 15th --my Birfday! (corny I know :)
Upon our return home, we shall land (albeit face down :)
on Piety.