Monday, February 14, 2011

I'm not sure why this idea tickles me so much, but it does:

Can't decide on what to get that special someone for Valentine's Day? Sometimes the answer is all around us, and right where it's been for millions of years—like cockroaches! How better to express your appreciation for that special someone than to name a Madagascar hissing cockroach after them?
Naming a roach in honor of someone near and dear to your heart shows that you've noticed how resilient, resourceful, and loyal that person is. Or maybe it's in recognition of your one and only's virility, or strength in the face of high radiation. You're not afraid to say, "Baby, you're a roach!"

But not just any roach….He or she is a Madagascar hissing roach, the biggest and loudest of these stalwart insects. WCS's Bronx Zoo has 58,000 of these brown, iridescent beauties, and they need names. With a $10 donation, one of them can be named by you. How sweet! 
Here in New Orleans, we have similar insects all around us, and on occasion, in our homes and other places we frequent.  If we wanted to name the goobers, we could do it all by ourselves for free, thanks.

Then again, there probably aren't many better tests of a person's love than gauging their reaction to this gift.

Happy Valentine's Day to everybody, no matter how you express your love.

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