Saturday, November 20, 2010

Well, the water didn't run dry last night, but the power went out at the East Bank Sewerage and Water Board plant.... it's a water boiling order until further notice today.  Of all the repairs FEMA helped the S & W B do, why wasn't backup generator on the list?

Update: Word is the boil water order will be lifted at 10 PM at the latest.  Pass me my beer.  It's all much easier when you drink.

Anudder update: Boiling water has to keep going 'til 3 PM Sunday.  And there were backup generators at the main plant, but they all failed.  Lovely.

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Clay said...

A friend of mine has been working on getting FEMA reimbursement for the S&WB for years now. They've been through at least 3 major submittals to FEMA (each one has taken hundreds of engineering hours to put together, on city expense) and each time, they've been rejected. It's been extremely depressing for my friend.

What makes it worse is the FEMA claims guy. He makes something like $150K, plus benefits and loves to brag about how he eats at Galatoire's or some other fancy restaurant almost every night. He's a pompous jackass from New Jersey...