Wednesday, November 03, 2010


Yes, all my links have disappeared.  Blogrolling, with whom I'd been keeping them, ceased operations just a few days ago, and, like a doofus, I failed to check up on them until I noticed all my links were gone...

Kind of sad, in a way, because I really wanted to keep that record of links by my side.  It shows us where we are and where we've been, especially here in New Orleans and Louisiana - that particular blogroll had over 200 links on there. *sigh*

However, from adversity can come opportunity, so pardon my dust, watch the slipcovers, and make sure to dodge the furniture so's you don't get bruised.  There'll be some template changes a-comin'.  I guess now's the time.  And anybody who wants to be on the new blogroll, whatever form it will take, leave your URL in the comments.  I have some links already in my cranium, but please keep jogging my memory.  Google has probably made me stoopid.

Anyhow, proudest moment of election night for me: even though banning sharia law in Oklahoma passed, my mother voted against the ban.  Fear of Islam has gotten out of hand.  Be a part of the solution, not a part of the problem.


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Calliope Street said...

Hi Liprap,
Re: blog roll housekeeping
Thank you for adding "Calliope Street" to your local roster. Just noticed some traffic from your spot and am honored to be in such good company. Will link to yours among "Kindred Spirits" here on CS, with much appreciation.