Monday, November 01, 2010

I'm just tired.

I look at what my husband has left for me in and around the sink and I want to do this so incredibly badly, but I have neither good aim nor access to firearms.

So I enjoyed the part of the Rally to Restore Sanity And/Or Fear I saw livestreaming on the web.  And I agree with Chez's words about it:
Let me be really blunt: Look, you petulant fucking children, you overly analytical jackasses looking down disapprovingly from Olympus, willing to sacrifice some progress in favor of none whatsoever, it's not always about you.

What Stewart and Colbert did yesterday was exactly what needed to be done right now, and it wasn't about keeping you entertained or engaged; it was about the 215,000 people who turned out to provide a show of force for the beliefs that for the most part you claim to espouse. It was a victory for what Progressive America is supposed to stand for of the highest order imaginable -- and that should never be forgotten or devalued.
Yes, there are a load of problems that need to be addressed, but sometimes, one has to make sure that everybody in the huddle can take simple direction and reset itself, if you will...maybe even dance a little.  There's strength in realizing that you are not alone, and you can take that back to whatever causes are most important to you.

The headline in today's paper says the Saints got their mojo back.  What, are the Saints Austin Powers now?  If so, I have no problems picturing Ben Roethlisberger as Fat Bastard...and I'm glad the Saints got some hits on that perpetrator of sexual assault.

Folks rallied in Baton Rouge this past weekend to let everybody know the effects of the oil disaster are far from over for a number of reasons.  Go see.

The Zombie keeps coming up with all sorts of threads through his comments concerning corruption in this state. That's what happens when you follow the money...or, in Jay Dardenne's case, provide legal services for a bank run by Frank Fradella, formerly the CEO of Home Solutions, which was connected to some overcharging of the OPSB for building repairs, and was also entangled in New Orleans' crime camera insanity.  Some stuff just never ends, no matter how badly we want it to.  (Update, 7:00 PM: well, read the updates on Dambala's post and help him out.)

And me...I've just been informed that the rafters of our house are being eaten away by dry-wood eating termites.  Can I start this week over again? Please?

I think I do need access to those firearms, after all.

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