Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sent to me by a friend through the email today:

Illustrated by John Krause for this Washington Post article
Really, it's exactly right.  

And if you think I or anyone else among us bloggers may have forgotten about what BP has done, and continues to do, it's just what we'll have to continue dealing with for the rest of our lives - all of us as a country, thank you.  The haggling in the courts will be a massive effort to keep everyone from falling hook, line, and sinker for this kind of sweep.

Hell, I saw a coaster with the P & J Oyster symbol on it and got sad all over again.  This isn't going to go away - not when there are books such as these available from Scholastic book sales for kids like my son to peruse.  One can only hope that eventually, in our lifetimes, we will learn.  Maybe.


Anonymous said...

this is so perfect.

may i steal it for my blog?


Leigh C. said...

Of course you may. 8-)

Take good care'a that foot of yours, now.