Friday, September 10, 2010

Just skip to 2:50 in the video below.

For the record, the "some of New Orleans' finest" Bob Costas was referring to who joined the stage with the Dave Matthews Band for "Burning Down the House" (LOVE the Talking Heads, thanks Dave) were Kermit Ruffins, Troy "Trombone Shorty" Andrews, and I recognized at least one member of the Furious Five marching club on the stage when the befeathered and bejeweled Indians and other marching club members came on. So glad the behemoth stage the NFL put up is finally coming down. (x-posted at Back of Town)

Apparently, though, someone unfortunately took "Burning Down the House" to heart in San Bruno, where a gas main exploded. They need blood and supplies over there. Check this Google Twitter feed for updates and for info on where to send supplies. Incidentally, San Bruno is where YouTube is headquartered, so if that gas main blowup had been in a different part of town...

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Charlotte said...

Exactly what I said - wish there had been less Why I Am and way more Burnin.
BTW-I've been meaning to thank you for linking to our Katrina Photo Project, so thanks!