Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ummm...Wynton? Dan Pritzker?

Question for you.

This looks great:
“Louis,” a silent film directed by Dan Pritzker and starring Jackie Earle Haley, Shanti Lowry and Anthony Coleman, will premiere in US cities in late August with live musical accompaniment by Wynton Marsalis, renowned pianist Cecile Licad and a 10-piece all-star jazz ensemble...Shot by Academy Award-winning cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond as a modern re-imagining of early silent film, “Louis” is an homage to Louis Armstrong, Charlie Chaplin, beautiful women and the birth of American music. The grand Storyville bordellos, alleys and cemeteries of 1907 New Orleans provide a backdrop of lust, blood and magic for 6 year old Louis as he navigates the colorful intricacies of life in the city.

Looks great, fellas.

*twiddling of thumbs*

I'm waiting...


Big thanks to Roger Ebert's Ebert Club newsletter for cluing me in. Incidentally, he recently wrote a great column on the oil disaster in the Gulf.

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