Sunday, July 18, 2010

No sooner do I get back to the lower 48 and slog through the hundreds of emails in my virtual mailbox than I find a nifty podcast that happened on Crystal Kile's WINGS show on WTUL, featuring Dangerblond, Varg, and yaller blogger Jeffrey, which you can all listen to here. If it doesn't get you registering for Rising Tide V yet, then check this out:

Still no impulse to get your registration on after seeing that sweet Greg Peters-designed image that will be on our posters this year? Head to the RT blog to check out some airfares to New Orleans from wherever you are and our first-ever conference hotel rates. Bring some canned food with you, too, as we are going to get some big shipments of it to those in need through Second Harvest Food Bank.

Bottom line? You're running out of excuses. Organizers have been working their tails off on this while I've been freezing my kishkes off and on in Alaska's midnight sun. Go sign up. Today.

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