Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The above is one of the reasons why I carry a camera at all times.

So here we are. In distressing straits once again.

Things have piled up so much for me lately, personally and information-wise, that I'm off my Twitter addiction for a while. I can't take the streaming of all the ways in which we are getting screwed over by our own dependence on oil
and by our governments' enabling of the corporations. I do applaud the other folks who are in constant tweetage, sharing the latest about the oil disaster and, for some folks, their own experiences with the nonstarting cleanup efforts. I personally get so full of the ways in which our abilities to combat this thing are sorely inadequate compared to the magnitude of what was unleashed by the faulty blowout preventers that it gets me into a deep funk.

The only things that have cheered me a little concerning this terrible mess are:

- the prospect of using this stuff called Maximum Oil Pickup (MOP) to absorb the oil. It needs to be applied by a special MOP cannon, apparently, which instantly had me thinking of this:

- Jon Stewart's take on the whole thing. I do have to admit that some things do go down much easier with a beer or two...or three...or filling up a F&%!-It Bucket with liqueur and dunking one's head into it repeatedly.

Otherwise, I recommend going to Dambala's, Jeffrey's, Oyster's, Maitri's, or Greg P's for your oil disaster commentary and updates for the time being. If you've got any other useful sources, comments, whatevah, let me know.

In the meantime, I'm going to take my own advice and take life as it comes.

Update, 3:01 PM: And then there's this (via Coozan Pat). Assessing risks just sucks. Urrrrghhh...one thing at a time, one thing at a time...

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