Monday, May 17, 2010

Things have devolved even more for me as far as the oil disaster in the Gulf goes.

I keep feeling, every day, as though words are inadequate to describe the slow death of so much - the cause of which is flowing out of the Macondo Prospect well that was opened up by BP and its engineers, who blithely decided not to plan for the worst and are scrambling trying to cover their asses now that their pants have been blown off. As a WWOZ DJ said on the radio yesterday, this spew isn't only going to threaten our waters off the coast here - it could threaten all of the Gulf and even the Atlantic Ocean if it gets as far as the Gulf stream - but, as it turns out, the reality below the surface could well be even worse, if BP could get the dollar signs out of their eyes and let the Pelican mission scientists tell us exactly how bad this is.

We're mostly powerless, hopeless. All we can do is get relief to the fishermen & women whose way of life has just died, and try to work the surface, 'cause we can't easily get at the nightmare under the sea.

I know this full song isn't about the oil companies, but the part I heard from the Gulf Aid concert broadcast fit the situation just fine:
and the next time
that i saw you
you were larger than life
you came and you conquered
you were doing alright
you had an army
of suits behind you
and all you had to be was willing
and i said i still
make a pretty good living
you must make a killing
a killing

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