Wednesday, March 17, 2010

From It Came From Memphis:
Alex Chilton is a musician looking into the future, haunted by a following wrapped up in his past. The weight of his achievements creates a dissatisfaction trap: His fans demand, Why don't you do again what you've already done? In the bigger scheme, he does: Big Star was country music in 1972, and Cliches is contrary to Big Star's popularity. The constant is Chilton's aggressive and defiant attitude, while his music, his art, continues to evolve. In this industry, controlling one's own destiny is as difficult as collecting monies owed. His has been a circuitous route, and the path ahead is unclear and unsure - exciting. Despite the naysayers, despite the soothsayers and the imitators, Alex Chilton charts a personal course.
Well, he certainly did...

Rest in peace, Alex.

Update, 3/18: Some required reading about Chilton just after his Big Star days, and a big one about his entire career. I read too damn much.

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