Monday, October 26, 2009

via this link on the Tweeter Tube.

I'd love to link to Greg Peters' latest Suspect Device comic in this week's Gambit, too, about "the boys in uniform", but it's not up yet.

Hell, neither is all of this week's Gambit. Ummm, hello over there...latest issue online, Gambit HQ? I'll just have to make obscure references to being married "Fujita style" all by my lonesome, I guess.

Update, 6:37 PM: Gambit's latest is now up, with one of the highlights in this week's issue being the interview with Angus Lind. Love to figure out the contents of that notorious column of Lind's that was referred to in the interview...


Gambit said...

It's up!

xo from your friends at Gambit HQ.

saintseester said...

love the cartoon, I think a smile snuck out of me too this morning.