Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Turquoise and yellow footballs.

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Women of the Storm members dropped off about 200 turquoise-and-yellow footballs, tangible reminders that Louisiana is losing a football field of its coastline every 50 minutes, and they promise more today so that each of the 736 students (of MLK Charter School) will have one.
Somebody needs to give the president a tour of the wetlands, pronto.

Much as I think the footballs are a cute idea, nothing beats having the spectacle of entire communities abandoned to the sea being burned into your brain.


Adrastos said...

Lord, the WOS are such dolts. They could try and go to Washington some time when they're in session instead of going on their own schedule. Uh oh, I sound like Pants.

The key thing is policy not show and tell.

Leigh C. said...

That's true. They could join with the Citizens for 1 GNO (aka, the red jacket crowd) and comprise one uber-lobby for New Orleans.