Friday, August 14, 2009

Home Stretch

Ladies and gents, unbelievable as it may be, time does fly and we are closing in on Rising Tide IV. If you are reading this and you are coming, then don't mind the following pleas.

What's keeping you, you late applicant, you?

Are we not chic enough? Not scruffy enough? Too far left? Too far right? We don't drink enough wine? Or beer? Or coffee? The registration now costs $25, so the boat for a registration fee minus $5 has sailed for this year. Are we too expensive? Are we selling ourselves short? Do we need to include a cage match happening alongside Harry Shearer to further illustrate how crazy things have become in this farce called "recovery"? Do we need RT throws? Do we need more national attention (oh, I shouldn't ask that - darn near everything New Orleanian has needed national attention since before four years ago)? Are you just a person who thrives on the adrenaline rush of just squeaking by a deadline? Are you in a vegetative state and need someone to hold your hand in all of this (hey, you're not alone...)? Am I asking too many questions?

Ummm, yeah, I am...or maybe I'm not. When I come up with some more....and I will, oh, yes, I will....there will be some special things in store in the coming week for those of you who guess the answers correctly. Stay tuned to this bat-channel 'til then...

I shall be putting the Greg Peters-designed orisha up every day on this blog until Saturday, and I look forward to seeing you all at the Zeitgeist, every last one of ya, no matter what you might really think about me or RT.

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