Monday, August 31, 2009

Don't know how long my comment will stay up over at, but hey, I got my own blog:

If one chances to think about it, the "Skanks in NYC" lawsuit could cut another way...the ACLU or NAACP could sue companies such as the one that runs for allowing racist comments regularly on this site using freedom of speech as a crutch. The lack of moderation on this site undermines the good, hard work journalists such as Molly Reid and Gordon Russell do in reporting our local news.

The corruption in City Hall still runs so rampant that sites like American Zombie still serve a purpose in providing a window for folks in the know who cannot reveal themselves. That window will most likely be shut tight and have bars over it as a result of Dambala outing himself. He and the sources whose information he kept close to his chest all these years will need our support at this time, if only because we support more transparency and accountability in those who would be our leaders in this town.

A commenter known as azureblue has posted some interesting stuff related to bloggers' rights, courtesy of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Their bloggers' rights page links to Chilling Effects Clearinghouse, which asks for any cease-and-desist letters bloggers have received to be entered into their database for further analysis.

Big thanks to azureblue for the points made and the links. Speaking truth to power has never been easy.

Update, 10:26 AM: celcus on the folks who are trying to take the Zombie to task on
Anonymous posters complaining about and calling out someone for blogging anonymously. Hilarious!
Anudder update, 7:56 PM: The Zombie is still going strong, even when tips are garnered from the article bearing news of his outing himself:
Some one posted this as a comment under the Teep story, and it confused the HELL out of me:

"Daya Naef works for the City Attorney's office:

Notarial Archives
NA #2007-66876
NA #2008-38835
NA #2009-24675
NA #2008-47726
NA #2008-36802
NA #2008-36801"

WTF? How does a person go about looking up what these numbers mean?

How could Daya Naef be working for the City Attorney if she was also working for HSOA subsidiaries in cases against the city, or working as their agent as they got those city contracts?

That's even more messed up than the possible conflict of interest that she and her husband might have.

Would these documents be the things the other Anon poster told us Naef was signing up in Brenda Breaux's office?

Is it wrong to even ask these questions now? I don't like feeling bullied into not asking. I'd like to know what is going on.
One Mo' Time, 9-1: Oh, all right, if Cliff can link up, so can I. Just take this as a huge hint that what is needed is quality and occasional hilarity minus the racism, Until then, I'm gonna get me some mo' zombification. Blame Adrastos, especially since I initially thought it was Tim Conway's name on the zombie movie posters he'd found.


Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

We need "Support Our Zombie" ribbons.

Leigh C. said...

HELL yes!

droudy said...

Hey, let me know where to get mine. Hope there are banners we can put up also.

This is awful.

jeffrey said...

Ha ha Okay I'll bite. What color will the Zombie ribbon be?

What will it say? Muppetstrong?

Leigh C. said...

The ribbon will be made from snakeskin. And Muppetstrong will be left to the bracelets, which will be texture to look like snakeskin.