Thursday, August 20, 2009

The following question is not for the Rising Tide contest, but it's important nevertheless:

What is right about this picture?
(hint: notice anything not on it?)

Discussion in the coffee shop yesterday at a nearby table sounded like a mini meteorologists' summit when the topic turned to Hurricane Bill. What's it doing, where will it hit first, they say it's going to head all the way up to New York and Massachusetts, even into Canada. I didn't think any storms could head all the way up there; oh, yeah, they can. I think they got a bad one in the '30's. Didn't they get something more recently (yes, Hurricane Gloria, in '85)? I can't remember. Oh, would you listen to us, the weather experts (laughs all around).

Storm watching here is much more than just a pastime. It's the difference between heading out and staying, and, in many cases, it has proven to be life or death. I for one hope this thing turns back out into the Atlantic, that this El Nino year keeps more of those storms at bay...and if it can't turn them away from our coast, at least it can weaken them considerably. I pray for colder water, icy cold, in the Gulf. I long for calm.

And I hope my grandparents on Long Island and our friends in the northeast never have to experience what this city has been through.


Speaking of living through things, here's another question for you. Remember to register for and/or donate to Rising Tide before leaving your answer in the comments (rules here):

Have I, the (ahem) humble host of this blog, ever rode out a hurricane? If so, which one?

Congratulations to Candice, who got yesterday's question correct. I owe you $5!

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